Texas Holdem

Texas Holdem Poker Tells

Poker Tells will help you to find out some information about other players hands. If you look carefully other players habits, you can also predict how they will act. Look their reactions, their expressions and their eyes. Eyes can tell you many things about your opponents. That is the reason why some Texas Holdem poker players play with sunglasses. You can see everything in the eyes – bluffing, cheating and so on. 

For example, if a player wants to steal the pot, he will look to his left to see other players, who have not yet acted. If you look someone in the eyes, it is harder to lie him, so look reactions of the players, who are talking to you. Physical reactions will help you to make the right decisions in Texas Holdem poker game. Dishonest players will have strange habits and you may catch them.

When you play Texas Holdem poker, you must look face expressions too. When you see a player, who is looking downward all the time, just watch him more carefully. Other players may also try to study your face. If you are nervous, it is better for you to calm down, because other players will see this. If your hand is weak, you may have sad expression on your face.

Do not think that if a player has a strong hand, he has to be happy for sure. Some Texas Holdem poker players can bluff in their expressions too. Players, who wait long time before they check, are indicating weak hand. Their aim is to make you check. If you see a player, who is thinking longer, before checking, be sure that something is wrong. Normally players check with normal speed and then raise.

If you see a delay followed by a bet, it probably means strong hand. If you see that a Texas Holdem player is waiting longer and after that he bets, be sure that he has a strong hand. Texas Holdem poker players like to be actors and if they pretend to have some hand, they may not have it. Some players can help you to understand their cards by their voice. Bluffers may change their voice.

In some situations Texas Holdem players may become anxious. Anxiety may occur when people have some confrontations. They will have physical symptoms of anxiety – flexing of muscles, dry mouth, heartbeat and etc. Abnormal behavior will show you a strong or a weak hand. You may look for red faces or some other physical reactions in Texas Holdem poker players. Bluffers may become anxious and their mood will change.

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