Texas Holdem

Texas Holdem Player Styles

Each Texas Holdem player has his own way of playing. It is important to know what kind of player you play against. There are four categories of poker players – Loose aggressive, Loose passive, Tight passive and Tight aggressive. Every player makes his own decisions, based on the type he is. Loose aggressive players raise before and after the flop. These players are very successful in real casinos, but in online games they will broke very soon. Loose aggressive players can win small pots against poor Texas Holdem players. 

The next type of poker players is Loose passive player. These players rely on their luck to win in Texas Holdem poker. They just stay passive in the game and wait for a good hand. Loose passive players lose very slowly in the game. They cannot control the betting and even good strategy will not help them to win the pot.

In Texas Holdem poker game you can also see Tight passive players. These players can win very easy if there are bad poker players in the game. It is quite easy to find out which players are Tight passive. They will never bluff and if they have a lot of outs, they will make a small bet.

Tight aggressive players can be the winners in online Texas Holdem poker game. Some players call these type of poker players bluffers. These players have to be careful, because if other players see constant bluffing, they will not drop out the pot. Tight aggressive players will bet after the flop, if they have decent poker hand.

When you play Texas Holdem poker, you have to change your playing style during the game. You can be all these types of players in different situations. Aggressive players bet almost every flop. When there is aggressive player in the game, other players have to play to the showdown if they want to win the pot. Some poker players think that if there is an aggressive player in the game, they have to sit to the right of him.

If you sit to the right of the aggressive poker player, you will see his action before you play your hand. If you change your position and your style of playing, you have real chances to win. Be careful when you bluff and do not let the other Texas Holdem players think that you are just a liar. Your psychological abilities will help you to make the right decision in Texas Holdem poker.

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