09 Jun 2017

Origins of Poker

Poker has experienced some remarkable growth in this decade. It has become a part of popular culture. The annual World Series of Poker in Las Vegas draws thousands of entrants, including many celebrities. The sport has even taken off on television. It isn’t too hard to find some kind of

17 May 2017

Online Blackjack Tips for Improved Playing

Whenever a new online casino game is undertaken, the player must learn the new game, both its rules and strategies. Some online casino games have easy rules but their strategy is not so easy. Thankfully there is an online casino game that can be profitable that is also easy to

16 May 2017

Slot Machines Tips and Strategies

In today’s modern world, people should de-stress themselves in order to be happy. Some like to play tennis while others would like to go online. There are many opportunities available online for making money and have fun at the same time. One such category of games in which you can

15 May 2017

Bluffing Can Be Your Best or Worst Skill

One of the nice things about poker is that you can still win a game even when you have the weakest hand or cards. Imagine if everyone knows what the others are holding, only the best of cards will win the game. Poker gives importance to how a player handles himself

14 May 2017

What are online casino games?

There are many casino titles, most evolving out of simple games devised throughout the course of history. Most people play online casinos in the hope of winning fantastic prizes and there are a great variety of casino favourites to suit any gambling taste or mood.

11 May 2017

International Gambling

Governmental control regarding gambling varies from one country to another. Some countries downright prohibit it entirely – Denmark and Finland fall into this category. However, most European countries allow for gambling – but not without tight government control. The most common restriction imposed on casinos is that they can only

09 May 2017

Differences Between 5 Card and 7 Card Stud

5 card stud has quickly become nearly extinct in the poker world, especially at online rooms. Traditionally played with only one down (hole) card, there simply isn’t enough suspense in the game to keep players interested, with low hands traditionally winning the pot and little doubt as to what other

03 May 2017

How to Make Money While Losing

Making money even if you’re losing is the dream scenario for every gambler. Not only does it keep their bankroll moving in the right direction, but it allows them to gamble with a more relaxed and confident attitude. Many novice gamblers freshly signed up with their Unibet bonus would assume

02 May 2017

Antigua Embraces Bitcoin

The open-minded government of Antigua & Barbuda in the Caribbean is positioning itself to be a leader in the realm of digital currency. It is fashioning legislation to legitimize Bitcoin by giving it legal recognition. The Minister of Trade and Consumer Affairs said embracing bitcoin will also position the country

02 May 2017

Norwegian Banks Block Payments for Online Gambling

Norway’s gambling regulator ordered banks to cut off money between Norwegian gamblers and unauthorized gambling operators. The media outlet Klassekampen reported the orders issued by the Norwegian Gaming Authority took place on March 29, which requires banks to cease processing transactions with seven companies following an audit of suspected illegal