Online Blackjack Tips for Improved Playing

Whenever a new online casino game is undertaken, the player must learn the new game, both its rules and strategies. Some online casino games have easy rules but their strategy is not so easy. Thankfully there is an online casino game that can be profitable that is also easy to learn to play and also has an easy to use strategy. I am talking about online blackjack.

Learning how to play online blackjack is easy. The objective is simple: beat the dealer without obtaining a hand total over 21. The plays are easy to remember. And, get this, the strategy for online blackjack is easy. And this brings us to our first online blackjack tip…

Always play online blackjack using basic strategy. Basic strategy is a chart with player starting hands running down the left side and dealer up cards across the top. Where the two intersect is the best statistical play for that starting hand/dealer up card combination. Basic strategy was created in the 1950s by four men, known now as the Four Horsemen, who spent several years calculating what the odds were and which play was the best to make in each situation.

What this means for online blackjack players is that all you have to do is make every play according to basic strategy. Doing so will lower the house edge to 0.5% which is the lowest edge for any online casino game. House edge is the house’s opportunity to take your money from you. The lower the house edge, the better for you. Basic strategy will not make you win every single round, but because of its impact on the house edge it is the best strategy tool for an online blackjack player.

The easiest way to use basic strategy when playing in an online casino is to pull a chart up in another window and refer to it with each hand. Basic strategy is a ‘legal’ strategy tool, meaning that it is okay to use in both online casinos and land casinos.

Next tip: Do not bother with card counting. Card counting is part of popular blackjack mythology. While this is a very real skill that can be useful in a land casino. Unfortunately it is not useful in online blackjack. Card counting relies on cards being discarded from play at the end of a round. In online blackjack cards are dealt at random from an RNG and all cards are possible to be dealt at the beginning of each round. This has the same effect as no cards being discarded. And without cards being discounted there is no way to count cards.

So here are you tips for playing online blackjack: play according to basic strategy and do not bother with card counting. Virtually take that with you the next time you go to play online blackjack.

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