Omaha: Basic Strategy

Similar to Texas holdem, in Omaha players receives hole cards. In Omaha a player will receive four hole cards. Just like holdem, a player is recommended to only play strong hole cards. Ths could include top pairs, Ace-suited and high suited connectors. However, it is the players discretion as to which cards they wish to play. Because you never no what action the community cards will bring.

Money Management

Like any casino game, picking the game with the right betting limits for your bankroll is key. Since there are blinds in Omaha it is recommended your bankroll is about 200 times the amount of the big blind. If you are playing Pot Limit Omaha you bankroll may need to be greater.

The Community Cards

In Omaha there are 5 community cards; these cards are the foundation for every players hand. You may have the nut flush, however if the board pairs you need to be weary of a full house or four of a kind. You may have trips, but if the board doesn’t pair up you need to be weary of an opponent with a straight of flush. You need to be aware of what your cards are, and how your opponents are betting on the flop, the turn and the river.

Reading Other Players

This strategy is useful in all games of poker, but because each player in Omaha gets their own hole cards it’s sometimes difficult to place them on a particular hand. This is why you need to be aware of how they bet or raise with the cards on the board.

Depending on the Round, know what your up against

After a player receives their hole cards and the flop is on the board it’s important to know how you sit in comparison to the table. For example if your two of your four down cards are a high pocket pair and you hit a set you probably have the strongest hand at that point. If the flop includes two cards of the same suit and you bet and have a caller, it could be safe to put this person on a flush draw. If the turn gives your opponent the card they need to make their flush, its your discretion whether or not to bet or check. If the river doesn’t pair the board or give you three of a kind you may be beat.