09 Jun 2017

Origins of Poker

Poker has experienced some remarkable growth in this decade. It has become a part of popular culture. The annual World Series of Poker in Las Vegas draws thousands of entrants, including many celebrities. The sport has even taken off on television. It isn’t too hard to find some kind of

15 May 2017

Bluffing Can Be Your Best or Worst Skill

One of the nice things about poker is that you can still win a game even when you have the weakest hand or cards. Imagine if everyone knows what the others are holding, only the best of cards will win the game. Poker gives importance to how a player handles himself

09 May 2017

Differences Between 5 Card and 7 Card Stud

5 card stud has quickly become nearly extinct in the poker world, especially at online rooms. Traditionally played with only one down (hole) card, there simply isn’t enough suspense in the game to keep players interested, with low hands traditionally winning the pot and little doubt as to what other