Bluffing Can Be Your Best or Worst Skill

One of the nice things about poker is that you can still win a game even when you have the weakest hand or cards. Imagine if everyone knows what the others are holding, only the best of cards will win the game. Poker gives importance to how a player handles himself during the best and worst situations. You can do a bluff to make other players believe that you have the best hand even though you have the weaker if not the weakest.

Bluffing is a necessary skill and you need to know when to use it and not just use it for the sake of bluffing.

Deceiving Faces

Bluffing come in two kinds. You have the pure bluff and the semi bluff.

A pure bluff is done when a player has a really bad hand and has a very slim to no chance of winning. Do this kind of bluff and throw a prayer that everyone on the table will fold.

A semi-bluff is different since a player bets on a weak hand which may improve later on. Let’s say on flop, a player has four cards to a straight in Texas Hold’em and bets, that is a semi bluff.

You may go for a bluff when you have read all the signs and see that all other players have weaker hands. It can also be done if you are in the late position and you think your cards are far superior than what others are holding. Sometimes playing bluff on one on one games has good winning potentials.

The worst time to bluff is when your playing with strong players who are unlikely to fold. A bluff will also be useless if the other player bullies the table with his tons of chips. It will also be bit hard to read and execute a bluff I there are still too many players in the hand.

Bluffing is one of the intricacies of poker that you can take advantage of inside a casino environment, and is more difficult to pull off when playing online. Online poker misses the many “tells” that let you know whether someone would be bluffing or not, such as facial movements or other behavioral oddities that wouldn’t otherwise be visible when playing online.

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