Texas Holdem

Pre-Flop How to Handle Big Pocket Pairs

What a beautiful feeling it is when you check the cards that you get and see a pair of Aces, Kings, or Queens in Texas No Limit. These are the best hands you can get pre-flop but still the strength comes with some tough plays. Misuse them and you may still end up losing some money.

Let us try to look into the scenario of a 9-handed Texas no limit game with blinds set at $1-$2.

Early position

If you get the big pairs and you are playing under the gun, then you might find yourself in an uncomfortable position since you do not know what will the other players will do after you bet. Do something to make an impression around the table. Push in a max of five times the big blind. This will be a good raise since it will be demonstrating some strength but still enough to lure those who has a T-T or a J-J.

Middle Position

If you are about 3 to 5 seats from the button, then you will see some people making their moves before you decide on what to do with your big pairs. If another player makes a bet of three times the big blind, no other callers, then go for a re-raise with chips double the amount of your opponent’s.

What if someone else joins the fun and re-raise. This will be the time to evaluate your move depending on your stack and how the competition is playing. Maybe lay it down if you have a Q-Q or go all in with A-A or K-K.

Late Position

When you are on the cut off  then place a bet that is enough to scare off you opponents. Or maybe bet enough to isolate one competition.  Remember that you should be healthy enough to ensure you of the pot.

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